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Magazine Cover Templates & Its 5 Benefits

Magazine Cover Templates & Its 5 Benefits

Make your own Pre-K magazine covers of your students with these magazine cover templates.

Preschool Magazine cover templates make a great gift to create and give to your students and their family.

Graduation is approaching soon. You’ve been with your students for an entire school year now. They love you. Even their parents appreciate you. They respect the impact you’ve had on their child’s early life as a teacher. I’m sure you feel the same way towards your students and their families. Besides, this is the perfect time to express those feelings back.

That is why Pre-K Let’s Play has created magazine cover templates. Made for you to personalize and give to them and their families. In this blog post, I will go over 5 reasons why you should use these magazine cover templates.

Before that, feel free to check out the popular magazine cover templates that Pre-K Let’s Play has to offer. Get your copy today!


5 benefits of using magazine cover templates

1. Magazine cover templates make a great gift

This is the most obvious reason. But it is so true. Parents and families love pictures of their children. Especially creative pictures. So when you create these personalized magazine covers, families will be blown away. They will enjoy it, cherish it, and remember this kind gesture from you.

Pretend GQ cover of a young boy wearing a cowboy hat.

2. This kind gesture shows your appreciation towards your students.

As a teacher, you most likely spend about 40 hours a week teaching kids. It’s true. You spend lots of time with them. As a result, these kids have definitely developed strong connections with you. This is because you created and shared tons of memories together. You helped them grow socially. Academically. Even emotionally. For those reasons, they will remember how well you treated them and made them feel. Most importantly, they respect and appreciate you for that.

Of course, you feel the same way. You appreciate them too. That is why creating magazine covers is a great way to show your appreciation for them.

Magazine cover design inspiration of National Geographic. This cover features a happy girl as the cover.


Giving them this as a gift shows that you are grateful for them. You care about them and view them as special people in your teaching lifestyle. It shows that you appreciate the whole experience of teaching them. In addition, it also shows that you value being their teacher, friend, and role model.

Families may already have respect for you. However, creative gifts like these encourage them to increase their level of respect. Especially towards you. From my many years of teaching, I noticed this from many families. This is because families love to see a teacher show appreciation towards their child. Especially when it comes to receiving creative gifts like this. It’s thoughtful, kind, and considerate. Download your copy today.

3. Magazine cover templates are easy to create.

Making these magazine covers are easy. It’s really simple and it doesn’t take long to create. All you have to do is download the templates. Pick and choose one of the popular magazine covers that interest you. Next, take a picture of your student. Then replace the original stock photo with the picture of your student that you had just taken. Add their names to the template. Viola! You’re done.

girl posing for fashion magazine cover


Also, feel free to print it on glossy paper and/or frame it for a better presentation. Parents and families will be so amazed and grateful. Most importantly, they will remember you for this too.

4. Magazine cover templates showcase your student's interest and personality.

As you know, every kid has a different personality. No one is the same. That’s what makes us so unique. One of the best parts of teaching young children is helping them develop their identity. Supporting them. Making them feel comfortable with being who they are.

Throughout the year, you start seeing the interests that they gravitate towards. Things they like to do often. Topics include playing Sports. Playing on the computer. Playing with toy cars. Building with legos. Pretend Cooking in dramatic play. Art. Music. Fashion. The list goes on. These interests show their personality.


So take pictures of your students while they are engaging in these interests. Then turning those pictures into magazine covers. This is a cool way to highlight their interests and personality.

This download comes with 11 magazine cover templates. Choose a cover that matches your child’s personality and identity. For instance, you may have a student who has an active personality and loves sports. Our sports cover may be the best fit for that child.

Boy playing baseball posing for a pretend magazine cover.


Or maybe you have a student who loves music and singing school songs. Then the MusicSpeaks magazine cover may be suitable for that student.

Pretend magazine cover of a young girl playing the piano. Using magazine cover templates with images of your students make great gift ideas for parents and families.


Overall, magazine cover templates are great for showing your students’ personalities and interests. It also shows what they like to do in school in a visual way.  That’s what makes this gift so cute, fun, and awesome.

5. Using Magazine cover templates is a powerful way to acknowledge your students.

It’s graduation time. Your students are have learned so much from you and they are ready to transition. You are so proud to be their teacher. The best way to show your gratitude towards them is by acknowledging them. Especially on graduation day.

Creating magazine covers for your students is a great way to show and express that. It shows the value you see in your students. It shows the students and families that you are thankful for them just as they are.  And what they achieved throughout the year.

Therefore, each cover that you choose for each student showcases their strengths. If instance, imagine you have a student who loves books, reading and listening to stories. These are amazing strengths. Now take that student's picture and place it on a Reader’s Digest magazine cover template! This is a creative way to acknowledge and recognize those strengths.

Pretend Magazine cover of Readers Digest. Student is sitting on a stack of books while reading a book.


It also shows that you value and appreciate those strengths. But more importantly, it makes the student feel individually recognized. In addition, it makes that child feel special and important.  As a result, this also can lead to your student feeling proud and confident of themselves.

So if you’re a teacher looking for a gift, then this is the right product for you. This gift is perfect for graduation and even for the holiday season. So get this download today!


So there you have it! Personalized magazine covers make an awesome gift. They are great for showing your appreciation towards your young learners. It’s also a visual way of expressing what you admire about them and what makes them special to you. Your students will enjoy it. Their families will love it. And everyone will always remember you for such an amazing gift.  And most importantly, for being such a great teacher.

Visit Pre-K Let's Play's shop and download your copy today.  Enjoy!

Make your own magazine covers of your students with these magazine cover templates.