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Gather around teachers. It’s story time and I’ve got a story to tell. It’s about your lifestyle as teachers teaching preschool and pre-k.

You have a passion for teaching. It’s obvious. You go the extra mile for your students. Also, you always make sure all they are having fun while learning. Parents and students always feel welcomed because of you. In fact, you’re even known for your creative preschool activities and classroom environment.

But if there was one word to describe you, that would be “overworked”. You spend hours of your time and energy into your classroom programs. Let’s face it… teaching is not easy. Of course yes, teaching feels rewarding. However, you can also feel stressed and time consumed at times.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can take back your time and freedom. Still, you can be the teacher everyone loves. You can provide great activities that need little to no prep work. It is also possible for you to create a fun classroom environment with less effort. At the same time, you can even focus on helping your students without feeling pressed for time. Yes, you can!

Without a doubt, I know this sounds too good to be true but it is 100% doable. So you must be raising your hand and wondering, “How is this all possible?”

 Teaching Preschool Fun with Diderot from Pre-k Let's Play. He is the the owner and content creator for Pre-K Let's Play.

What's up! My name is Diderot.

I am a Pre-K teacher and I love to make students feel happy, confident, and smart. Specifically, I do this by bringing fun and creativity into classrooms.

I made this website to make teaching preschool or pre-k easier for you. In general, this website has ideas, printables, games, and preschool activities. I created, tried, and tested every resource. As a result, they are helpful. They create fun learning moments as well. At the same time, they also help you save time, energy, and get more done with less effort. Stress-free.

Let's work together

Teaching preschool and pre-k takes a lot of work. It’s fun and rewarding. It’s also meaningful. But… life as a teacher can be challenging at times. Students always want your attention. You have to manage their personalities and behaviors. Not to mention portfolios and assessments have to be up to date.

I’ve been a Pre-K teacher for 12 years and counting. I know how overwhelming it felt to juggle all the teacher duties at once. Besides you’re only one person right? I also remember how it felt to spend long nights and weekends preparing activities. To sum up... it’s not fun.

Well, the sacrifice of your time is over. You don’t have to split your time between making activities and bonding with students. Instead, build deep relationships with your students instead. Support their social, emotional, behavioral, and intellectual needs.

So let us help take one job off your hands by using our pre-k and preschool activities and resources.


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