Pre-K Let's Play

Teaching Preschool through PRETEND PLAY & EDUCATIONAL GAMES

Educational games and pretend play make students want to play and learn.

Welcome! Pre-K Let’s Play is a website that offers that. It is also a place for preschool and pre-k teachers who want to improve their students’ learning. Teachers play a big role in the early school experience of students.

So this site helps teachers like you. Here you will find fun and creative preschool and Pre-K activities. You’ll love the results.

PRE-K LET'S PLAY Collections


"Thank you for providing an excellent resource that was easy to use and engaging."

– Jennifer C.

"I love that the pictures are of real animals, not cartoons. The kids were able to easily identify the animals and also count. We were able to scaffold the learning depending on what class we printed it for because of the different numbers used in the puzzles. Great resource that we laminated and will use again and again."

– Heather A.

"Students have loved using their imagination and playing in the home corner with this resource."

– Simone N.

"My students have had so much fun making these during math rotation. It has also been Very helpful with shape practice."

– Jessica R.


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