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Graduation Certificates and Superlative Award templates

Graduation Certificates and Superlative Award templates
Graduation certificates and awards for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten children.

It’s about that time of the year again. The end of the school year is getting closer. So you know what that means. Graduation time! It's also time to get your graduation certificates ready.

That’s right. You have spent an entire school year helping your students grow their young minds. As a preschool, Pre-K, and/or Kindergarten teacher you are so proud of them. They’ve progressed in so many ways. Socially. Academically. And even emotionally. I’m sure you’ve heard them even talk about how they are ready for “Big Kid” school.

For that reason, graduation is one of the best ways to celebrate completing the school year.

Graduation ceremonies are a special time. Especially for teachers, students, and families to experience and enjoy. But sometimes planning them out can be overwhelming for teachers. From decorating the space to ordering caps and gowns. There’s so much to do. In very little time.

So let’s help take away at least one less thing off your hands for this event.

Prek let’s play has created graduation diplomas, invitations, and end-of-the-year award certificates. These certificates help preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten teachers save time and money. They are already made for you to use and editable. Need very little prep work. And when downloading this product, it’s yours forever! Visit the Pre-k Let's Play shop and get your copy today.

Graduation Certificates and Superlative Award templates


How to Use these Graduation Certificates

Using this editable graduation printable is easy. All you have to do is download and open the certificates. Type in the information needed. This includes your student’s name, the school name, and the date. After that, print out the certificate and sign it. It’s really that simple.

graduation certificate template for preschoolers

Here’s the best part. You can use and edit these graduation certificates every year. You don't have to worry about ordering new diplomas and certificates ever again. This is because you can print as many copies as you want. Whenever you want. And you don’t have to worry about running out of these digital products. Super convenient right?!

You can find these digital products at the Pre-k Let's Play shop. There are 3 versions for each grade. They are for Preschool, Pre-k, and Kindergarten classrooms. Each version is available for you to choose from and download. The diplomas come in 2 designs as well.

Kindergarten graduation certificate template

White version of Kindergarten graduation certificate template with multicolor hands as its border.

End of the Year Superlative Award Certificates for Graduation

This download also comes with 30 superlative certificates. Also known as end-of-the-year awards. So when creating this product, I got my inspiration from award ceremonies, such as the Oscars and Emmy’s. That is why I decided to create a similar themed background on these award certificates.

In addition, I created tons of classroom superlatives that related to the theme. For instance, at the Oscars, they announce the nominees and winner for “best film writer”. So for this product, I created a certificate award for “best writer” to give to one of the students.

Superlatives awards for Kindergarten graduation. This end of the year award certificate is for the best writer in kindergarten.

Here are examples of a few awards included in this product.

Superlatives awards for Kindergarten graduation. This end of the year award certificate is for the most artistic student in kindergarten.


Superlatives awards for PreK graduation ceremonies. This end of the year student award certificate is for the best reader in PreK.

Giving out these awards is a great way to recognize your students’ strengths and talents. Especially in front of their families. It’s also an awesome way of acknowledging them for who they are. This shows your appreciation and support for your students. Accordingly, this also makes your students feel good and boosts their self-confidence. Because when kids notice that their family is proud of them, they tend to be proud of themselves as well.

Graduation Day

So for graduation ceremonies, I usually plan them by finding an empty room in my school program. My coworker and I work together and transform that room to look like an award ceremony venue. Like the Oscars or Emmy’s.

I always encourage parents to dress up their children for this event. As we all know parents love dressing up their children. It definitely gives them a reason to take pictures and create memories! As a result, this event is always a success and much needed. It gives teachers and families a chance to show appreciation towards each other. Especially towards the children. As a teacher, I always find this to be a very humbling experience.

Families love the graduation certificates as well. It shows your appreciation towards their children. Parents love it when their child’s teacher notices and appreciates their child. Especially their child’s personality, educational strengths, and interests.

They also love it when a teacher has positive things to say about their child in public. Presenting these certificates encourages and confirms that. It also gives teachers a chance to use those certificates as a way to express this positivity.

For that reason, they often cherish these certificates. As well as consider it as their child’s first educational certificate. It’s awesome to say that you were the first teacher to give these young learners their first diploma of many.

Don't Forget to Add these Certificates with a Graduation Gift

To make this graduation day more special, you can also pair this product with a graduation gift. Pre-K Let’s Play has you covered with magazine cover templates. Trust me. These personalized magazine cover templates make great graduation gifts. It’s true. And it’s easy to make.

All you have to do is download and open this product. Select any popular magazine cover that reflects your student's personality. Replace the original photo with a picture of your students. Then type in your student's name. That’s it.

Pretend magazine cover of a young girl playing the piano. Using magazine cover templates with images of your students make great gift ideas for parents and families.

You now have a student who’s on the cover of a popular magazine cover parody. And many more to choose from. Feel free to print it onto glossy paper and frame it. Parents will find this gift too adorable and memorable.

For more info about this product, check out my blog post. I give the 5 benefits of using magazine cover templates. Don’t forget to download your copy today.


Make your own Pre-K magazine covers of your students with these magazine cover templates.



Just remember. Whenever parents look at these certificates, they will think of you as their child’s teacher. They will remember your impact on their child’s life. And also the memories that they’ve shared with you. Especially this graduation memory.

So grab your copy of these graduation certificates. They are available in the shop section.

Graduation certificates and awards for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten children.

And lastly, congratulations on educating these young future leaders. You should be proud. Their path to greatness started with you.