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Using Pattern Block Templates and its Top 5 Benefits

Using Pattern Block Templates and its Top 5 Benefits

Using Pattern Block Templates and its Top 5 Benefits

Looking for fun activities to help teach about shapes? There are many ways to teach shapes. Especially in preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten classrooms.  One classic way of learning about shapes is by using math pattern block templates. Oh yes! Students love to play with pattern blocks.

Math pattern blocks are small shaped blocks. Made from wooden or plastic material. Here's what a set of block shapes look like.

  • Red trapezoids
  • Orange squares
  • Yellow hexagons
  • Green triangles
  • Tan diamonds
  • Blue rhombuses

You can find and buy these popular pattern blocks online. Websites like Amazon, Lakeshore, and Learning Resources sell them. Or you can find them at your local educational supply store too.

So Pre-k Let’s Play has created pattern block templates to compliment pattern blocks. it takes very low prep work and students enjoy playing with them. You need to have these in your classroom. So if you’re looking for math activities to entertain your students, then these templates are for you. In this post, I will go over 5 benefits of using these block pattern templates in your classroom.

Also, feel free to check out these themed pattern block templates that Pre-K Let's Play has to offer. They are available at the Pre-K Let's Play store. Click on any of the covers below and get your copy today! 

girl using pattern block templates for preschool small group math centers

1. Pattern block templates help your students identify shapes

Pattern block templates work like puzzles. As a matter of fact, that’s what they are. These Pre-K Let’s Play pattern block templates feature high-quality images of animals. Each animal has a body made up of block pattern shapes.

Jaguar with the body made up of colored math block patterns

So do your students play with these puzzles? Easy. Your students have to pick and name all the shapes needed on the template. Then they have to piece them together shape by shape. This is how you complete these puzzles.

This is a great way for them to get familiar with shapes. This also gives them a chance to get used to understanding how each shape looks like. Taking each shape and matching it onto the template. This helps confirms their ability to recognize and identify shapes.

2. Pattern block templates helps your students develop their fine motor skills

Building fine motor skills are important for the development of your young learners. Definitely. Fine motor skills are the ability to make movements by using and strengthening the small muscles in your hands, fingers, and wrists. Using pattern blocks along with pattern block templates can help. It makes a great way for kids to practice fine motor skills. It is a great resource. This is because it encourages your students to pick up and use these block shapes. It makes them use their hands, fingers, and wrists.

It also encourages them to use these pattern blocks templates as a guide. This guide helps them adjust and position pattern blocks. Again, with their hands, fingers, and wrists.

As a result, this form of practice helps your students in other areas of their need. Examples include better use of writing with pencils. Or even better use of cutting with scissors.

Girl using her problem-solving skills to complete math pattern block templates.


Preschool girl using her fine motor skills to complete the woodland animal puzzle templates.

By the way, practicing fine motor skills with pattern blocks and templates is also fun. It's creative. And it's also engaging and entertaining. Let’s not forget to mention that part too.

3. Pattern block templates help your students develop their problem-solving skills

Problem-solving is a useful skill to learn. Especially at a young age. The earlier the better. This is because it encourages your students to think. It also helps students develop strategies. In this case, the strategy is on how to approach and complete these block pattern templates.

Pre-K Let’s Play has to offer pattern block templates. They contain labeled images. Each one converts into 3 puzzle forms based on your students’ level of problem-solving.

  • Colors (easy)- match the puzzle by the color and shape of each pattern blocks
Sea turtle with the body made up of colored math block patterns
  • Outlined version (medium)- match the Black & white version puzzle by shape only.
black and white pattern block math activities of a sea turtle’s body
  •  Blank version (hard)- no outline or colors to help guide students.
Sea turtle with a blank body outline of math pattern block templates

Completing these puzzle templates is the goal. To do that, this process involves trying out many ideas. Whether successful or unsuccessful. Their young minds wily ask themselves questions like…

How many shapes do I need for this puzzle?

Will this work if I use or move the shape this way?

Their active minds will become engaged and thinking of a way to finish the puzzle image. Without a doubt.

As a result, this forms a habit of always looking to find the solution. This leads to building up their willpower, persistence, and patience. These qualities can transfer into other areas of their personal life as well.

Girl using fine motor skills to complete printable dinosaur pattern block puzzles.

4. Pattern block templates help your students experience a stronger sense of achievement.

Completing these printable pattern blocks templates builds confidence within your students. It gives your students the chance to face a challenge. Your students accept the challenge by trying to complete these shaped puzzles. At first, it may seem difficult for them.

However, tell them not to worry. As a matter of fact, it's normal. Students should stick with it. It always feels amazing to overcome a challenge. It feels like winning. And we all know kids love winning.

Your students will feel a sense of pride, accomplishment, and satisfaction. Therefore, the more kids conquer challenges, the more confident they become. The more fulfilled they become too. They also become more willing to learn and try more challenges too.

Girl playing math center activities and completing pattern block printables of wolf arctic animal

5. Pattern block templates help your students develop their social skills

You have heard the phrase, “Teamwork makes the dream work”. Well, this is so true when it comes to solving these pattern blocks templates. Now you can use these games for individual play. As well as small group and large group play.

But having these pattern puzzles in your classroom encourages students to work together. And communicate as well.

They can take on the challenge of solving these puzzles together. Your students do this by expressing their ideas on how to complete it. Going through trial and error. And also by supporting each other.

Preschool boy and girl playing pattern block math activities during small group play

By trying to solve these puzzles with their peers, students are also encouraged to be more social. It allows them to practice using their language skills with each other. As a result, this helps them improve and practice their vocabulary. Speech. Tone. As well as ways to talk to each other.

But most important. This activity can also lead to helping build friendships in the classroom. As well as creating moments with each other. Indeed.


So there you have it. Those are the top 5 benefits of using pattern blocks templates in your classroom. Yes. They are ideal for teaching your students about shapes. Without a doubt. , these templates offer much more use to your students than just that. This includes developing their problem-solving skills. Social skills. Fine motor skills. Confidence. And also a sense of achievement.

For those reasons, pattern block templates are educational, challenging,  and entertaining. They are also developmentally appropriate for all Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten ages. In other words, what’s not to love about them!

So if you have an interest in having some of your own, then you are in luck. Pre-K Let’s Play has created a collection of pattern block templates to choose from. Below is a list of them grouped into 11 themes. Select the ones that interest you. Click the link on the themed cover and download your copy today!

5 benefits of using math pattern block templates for preschoolers