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Educational games and pretend play make students want to play and learn.

Welcome! Pre-K Let’s PlayTM is a website that offers that. It is also a place for preschool and pre-k teachers who want to improve their students’ learning. Teachers play a big role in the early school experience of students.

So this site helps teachers like you. Here you will find fun and creative preschool and Pre-K activities. You’ll love the results.

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The TpT Shop

Looking for ideas on how to set up your dramatic play area? Or you could be in need of an educational game to help your students learn their sight words?

Every teacher wants to give the best learning experience. That is why our TpT shop offers a list of products and learning games for you to choose from.

Popular Gaming Resources

Literacy Games

Your students will love our literacy games. They are simple and easy to use. Some games focus on the alphabet and letter recognition. Additionally, you can also find learning games that focus on rhyming, sight words, and more. They even take little time to set up. Play and learn with these fun printable literacy games now.

Math Games

Teaching math skills can be challenging. That is why we offer engaging math games. We have proven ways to make it fun for them to learn about shapes, counting, number writing, and more. Get access to these math learning games right at your fingertips. Click below and download a math game now.


Pre-K Let's Play offers many puzzles. They challenge your students’ thinking skills. At the same time, puzzles also help grow their spatial skills and fine motor skills. Click the button link below now to view and buy a puzzle that you like.

Circle Time Blog

In general, we view this blog as a circle time for teachers. This blog is a learning space for teachers. In fact, here is where you can get new ideas, concepts, and teacher resources. Check out the many educational games, topics, and tips we have to support your teaching needs.

Popular Topics & Products

Dramatic Play Areas

Kids love dramatic play. It’s true. This section shows Pre-K Let’s Play’sTM collection of dramatic play themes. Overall, dramatic play is a useful area for students to learn. This area helps students practice their use of language and social skills. It also helps them understand and use symbols. Not to mention, they will even learn math, literacy, and fine motor skills.

The true meaning of “learning through play”. To demonstrate, click below to view the details and pictures of the themes that Pre-K Let’s PlayTM has to offer.

dramatic play beach ideas for summer time preschool fun from Pre-k Let's Play

Learning Centers

Learning centers are a great way for students to play and learn. This section has great ideas and educational games to pick from. Without a doubt, this is perfect for your classroom.

For that reason, click down below to view these learning center activities.

Teaching Tips

A group of young students playing and learning. Sharing and having fun. Everyday. Obviously, this is every preschool teacher’s dream. However, this may not happen at certain times in your classroom. Making this dream happen for real takes time, patience, and intentional teaching.

Students at this age can have meltdowns and learning behaviors. Many can also have challenging social, emotional, and intellectual moments. And that’s ok. It’s normal. But what can you do as a teacher?

Well, look no further. Pre-K Let’s Play is here to help. We have what you need. This section has Preschool and Pre-K teaching tips for you to use in your classroom. So click below to view these articles and tips.

dramatic play beach ideas for summer time preschool fun from Pre-k Let's Play

Book List

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader”.

What’s not to love about books!!! Of course preschoolers love books. For that reason, this section has awesome book lists. Each list is from a popular classroom theme. With this in mind, click below and order a book today for your future young leaders.


Today’s free feature is a game called Frog Number Jump. This is a card game made up of printable flashcards. They range from 0-10. In order to play this game, show the flashcard to your students and ask them what number they see. After they guessed the right number, tell your students to jump like a frog that many times. Count the jumps out loud together. Then, repeat with another number flashcard.

A great way for students to practice counting, number recognition, and number sequencing. This game is also a great way to help children make transitions between classroom activities (i.e circle time, small group play, outside time, etc.).

So click the button below to get this gross motor activity for free! Have fun! Let’s play and learn!

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Pre-K Let’s PlayTM believes in teamwork. We love helping teachers like you teach students through play. Bring your passion for teaching. We’ll bring our resources and educational games. Together with teamwork, we will make your students happy and ready to play and learn.

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“It is the supreme art of the TEACHER to awaken joy in creative expression & knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

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