Math Games for Kids to Play at Home

This is a number sense game called x-ray vision. Learning through play activities like this makes preschool fun.

5 Math Games for Kids to Play at Home

Math games for kids are the perfect resource to use during this time of self-quarantine. Here’s why…

It’s the same everywhere. Schools cancel. Museums shut down. Parks close down. Even social hot spots for children are not open. Parents often turn to teachers like you for support in their child’s education. In this case, parents everywhere are wondering. How can their pre-k and preschool kids continue to learn while practicing social distance?

Well, don’t worry. Teachers are heroes. Being that hero you are, you can still help the parents of your pre-k and preschool students. You can help by offering them educational games to use while being stuck in the house. So In this blog post, I would like to show you 5 math games for kids created by Pre-K Let’s Play. These games are normally used in my classroom. But, parents can definitely use them at home. These fun learning games will help your students feel less bored in the house. Are you ready?

cover to describe the 5 math games for kids to play at home.

These math games for kids are a great way to keep your students busy, active, and productive. At the same time, these games will also give their parents a chance to play, teach, and spend time with their children. So let’s check them out.

1. Number Pizza

Since your students will be indoors, why not have them pretend to be a pizza chef. Make learning numbers fun with Pre-K Let’s Play’s “Number Pizza” game. We all know kids love pizza! It’s no secret.

This is Number pizza math game for kids.

It’s also no secret that kids love this hands-on activity. This game is a great way for students to practice building fine motor skills. Not to mention number formation and number identification. If parents are looking for a game that’s great for individual play and sensory play, then show them this game.


  • Printer
  • Counters

How to play this math game:

All you have to do is print each pizza mat, which is labeled from 1-10. Then place counters that look like toppings on each circle of the pizza mat. The counters can be anything. (I.e. playdough, cereal, beads, rocks, etc.) Overall, the counters will form a number. Encourage kids to guess the “number” pizza that they “cooked” and created.

Pre-K Let's Play offers preschool playdough activities. This preschool activity is called number pizza. One of the many educational games we have to offer.

2. X-Ray Vision

Your students will enjoy this next math game for kids. It’s my favorite. The name of this game is “X-ray Vision”. The perfect game for learning numbers at home. Without a doubt! This fun activity helps kids practice number identification and number sequencing. Let’s see how.

This is a math game for kids called x-ray vision. Kids will learn and play with this fun educational game.


  • Printer
  • Scissors

How To play this game:

First, visit my teachers pay teachers store to find and download this math game for kids. Afterward, print and cut out the X-ray Counting Cards. Then place each card on the table from 1-10 in numerical order. Make sure that your kids can see them in the left-to-right order. Then, count the cards with them out loud.

After counting, flip each card face down, still in order. Call out any number from 1-10 and ask them to find that number card. Encourage them to use their “X-ray vision”, which is actually counting from 1 to the number card that you asked for.

As soon as your kid believes that they found the number card that you’re asking for, have them point to it. Tell them to flip that card to see if they are correct. Repeat with another card until they can identify and show every card.

A group of kids are playing a number sense game together. This game is called x-ray vision. Learning through play activities like this make preschool fun.

For optional cool points, I like to have kids use sunglasses as x-ray vision glasses to find the numbers.

3. Guess My Shape

Due to COVID-19, many families may have tons of empty napkin boxes in their homes. Instead of throwing them away, here is a creative way to use them for education.

Pre-K Let’s Play calls this next preschool math game “Guess my Shape”. This game helps kids learn about shapes. Shape topics include shape identification, shape recognition, and shape properties.

This math game for kids focuses on shapes. Kids will have preschool fun at home with this classroom activity.


  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Tissue Boxes- Square shaped

How to play this game:

First, collect and keep empty napkin boxes. Next, download this game, print out all the labels, and cut them out. Then tape the question mark labels onto the tissue boxes. After that, put a small shaped object inside each box. (If you don’t have any shaped objects, feel free to make your own shapes out of paper and cut them out.) Parents, make sure your kid is not looking at you as you place a different shape in each box. Then, ask your kid to reach into each mystery box, feel around, and guess the shape that’s inside. Make sure they don’t look inside the box too.

Student playing and completing a puzzle about bridges. Puzzle games for kids like this are great for building fine motor skills.

Feel free to ask them questions like… How many sides does it have? How many edges can you feel? How many angles can you feel? If they don’t know what words like “angles”, “sides”, and “edges” mean, then this is your chance to teach them.

Have them use the flashcards of shapes to help them guess the right shape. Kids can also use the flashcards to match each revealed mystery box.

4. Snapshot

Smile! Say Cheese! I like to call this math learning game “Snapshot”. This math game for kids focuses on counting and subitizing. Subitizing is when you can guess the right number of items in a small set fast without counting.

This camera game helps kids practice this skill as well as improving their number sense. Not to mention their one-to-one correspondence.

Educational game cover of Pre-K Let's Play's math game called Snapshot. This is a great math game for kids.


  • Printer
  • Manila folder
  • Scissors
  • Tape or glue
  • Velcro

Before you play this game with your child:

You ( Teachers/Parents) must make a pretend camera. To do that, download this “Snapshot” game at my teachers pay teachers store. Then find a manila folder. Printout the camera from the download and tape (or glue) it onto the front side of the manila folder.

Don’t forget to print out the star flashcards. Put Velcro inside the manila folder and place Velcro behind the flashcards too. Make sure that the flashcard stars stick inside the folder.

How to play:

Now that you made the pretend camera, show your child the camera folder. Explain that the star flashcards are inside the camera. Then tell your child to watch the inside of the camera. Carefully, quietly, and with their hands on their laps. After you tell them this, quickly open the camera folder to show the flashcard stars. Open the folder for two seconds again, and close it again. Ask your child how many stars they saw and have your child say the number aloud and show you with their fingers. Open your camera to check, show, and confirm their answers.

Educational games for preschool fun. Student is holding a math learning game called Snapshot.

Kid flashing his Snapshot math game. In this educational game, kids have to guess how many stars they can see without counting.

5. Number puzzles: Animal Numbers

The 5th preschool math game for kids is a puzzle set. Pre-K Let’s Play named this puzzle “Animal Numbers”. This puzzle is great for challenging your kid’s fine motor and cognitive skills. It’s like a mental exercise for them as they figure out ways to fit these animal puzzles piece by piece. This game is also a great way to increase spatial awareness and understand numbers more.

Cover of Animal Number Puzzle set. This educational game for preschool students is great for them to play and learn.

This puzzle set comes in 10 high-quality pictures of animals. Every animal picture is a puzzle grouped by numbers. ( I.e. 2 lions, 6 pigs, etc.) Each puzzle image also has a number label and comes in 3 skill levels. These levels are beginner, intermediate, and advanced.


  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Small Ziploc bag for storage

How to play this game:

First thing to remember is to Download this puzzle set. Pick a skill level and animal picture for your kid. Next, print the puzzle image and then cut the puzzle pieces. Place the puzzle pieces on a table and watch your kid play. When they’re done, feel free to put all the pieces in a Ziploc bag so they can play with it again next time.

Puzzle of a group of puppies. Preschool fun for kids at home. This educational game is great for fine motor skills.


Frog Number Jump

Lastly, here’s an extra math game for kids that Pre-K Let’s Play decided to give for free. It’s a very popular game during circle time. It would also be a fun game for kids to learn and play with their parents at home. I call this math game “Frog Number Jump”.

This math game is a gross motor activity for kids. It also helps them practice counting, number recognition, and number sequencing. They will enjoy this active game at home. Indeed!

In general, This game features numbered flashcards that go from 0-10. Each card has a number and pictures of frogs jumping. As a result, each number matches the same number of jumping frogs.


  • Printer
  • Scissors

Before you play, visit my teachers pay teachers store to download, print, and cut out the number cards.

How to play this game:

Parents, pick a flashcard and show it to your kid. Ask them what number they see. After they guessed the correct number, tell your child to jump safely like a frog that many times. Count the jumps out loud and then repeat with another number card.


So there you have it! All in all, these are the 5 free math games for kids to play at home whenever they feel bored. Enjoy and stay tuned for more activities.

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